Friday, October 10, 2008

It's here: iWorkout for iPhone and iPod touch

The wait is over...iWorkout is now officially available for sale in the iTunes App Store.

Do you want a personal trainer in your pocket? iWorkout is the ultimate fitness and exercise guide for iPhone & iPod Touch.

to purchase iWorkout for iPhone and iPod touch for only $2.99.

iWorkout includes the following:

* 100+ exercise videos
* Exercise metronomes to time your reps
* Exercise diary to record your progress
* Trainer tips

iWorkout's 100+ exercise videos are narrated by a certified fitness expert. All exercise videos are stored locally on your iPhone or iPod Touch. Trainer tips are included in each video. iWorkout exercise videos cover the following fitness areas:

- Cardio
- Core exercises
- Free weights
- Machine exercises
- Stretches
- Swiss ball
- Abs, Circuit training, Full body, Lower body, & Upper body.

The exercise metronomes feature allows you to properly time your repetitions while exercising. iWorkout exercise metronomes include:

- Abdominal curls
- Bench press
- Harvard step test
- Pull-ups
- Push-ups

The exercise diary feature allows you to store notes on your progress. You can write down your fitness-related goals, achievements, or whatever keeps you on track.

Workout the right way with iWorkout.

To purchase iWorkout for only $2.99, CLICK HERE.

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